New Year’s Resolutions for Keeps!

LIFESTYLE / Friday, December 29th, 2017

Well friends, the end of another year is upon on and that can only mean 2 things:
1.) reminisce on the highs and lows of 2017
2.) time to make those resolutions that we MIGHT keep until February 1st if we’re “really” committed.
Why not make 2018 the year you commit to something you can actually keep up with! That alone is a great resolution. I think often times we have such broad resolutions that it’s super easy to get sidetracked and find excuses to not stick with them and before we know it, the year ends and we promise ourselves we’re going to better next year. Who’s with me?
As I’m starting this blog, I’m finding out that not only is it a huge undertaking, but along with learning all about it, the only way it will work for me is if I make a resolution to post 1-2 times per week. When I get comfortable or midway through the year maybe I can up it to 3-4 per week. That way it’s measurable and I can easily check off did I do it this week or not? Simple! Kind of.
So what are some ways you can keep committed to your New Year’s resolutions..let’s take a look at some sample resolutions below. We’ll look to see how we can make those broad, “trendy” resolutions specific for what you want to achieve.


I’m going to be more positive.

Find a partner (or group) and start a daily grateful text! No matter how good or bad things may get in the year, doing this can help you find something in your life to appreciate.
*I did this in 2017 and will be doing it again, it really is a great thing to share with others!*

Workout more (who doesn’t have this as a resolution?)

Plan your schedule to include gym visits or home workout routines a set amount per week. As you master that, increase if you want. Maybe make plans for each quarter of the year.

I’m going on a diet.

Ok, just like cutting out drugs or alcohol, it’s very hard to cut something cold turkey. So instead of immediately depriving yourself (and then start to miss your favorite foods in 2 weeks), plan to include more fresh fruits & veggies in your regular diet. You can also number the times you go to grab fast food in the week vs. cooking.

Spend less money/save more (another thing we could all easily be better at)

First you can look at your expenses, what’s necessary? Is there something you can enjoy every other month instead of monthly? The subscription boxes are such a great thing, but they’re even better when you can regulate their frequency without any penalty! Also, if you’re serious about the saving, invest in taking Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University! It definitely helps you make some great strides in your finances, I’m speaking from personal experience.

Those are just some simple solutions on how to actually achieve your 2018 goals! You can do it if you just plan it out in some way. What are your 2018 resolutions?

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