Toasty Tuesday

FASHION / Wednesday, January 3rd, 2018

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope you all had a great New Year’s Day (off hopefully)! It was a great last day of relaxation, black eyed peas, and college football bowl games before returning back to work today. Today on the blog I’m sharing another favorite sweater that’s great for cozying up around the house, wearing to work, or for a cute + casual date night out. That’s exactly why I love it.

I think I caught on to the “off-the-shoulder” trend a little late, but it’s always better late than never right? I think showing a little shoulder is the easiest way for any female to feel more girly and pretty without having to be the best at makeup application or hairstyling (I fall into that category, so I get it ladies!) So let’s take a look at the outfit below, shall we?

So pictured above I’ll give you the deets for my outfit:

Sweater: From this great boutique is almost all across the country, with either a physical store or perfect! It’s called Apricot Lane. You should give them a follow on their social media profiles. They have really great at outfit ideas and offer everything in a variety of sizes. They also are on it with their shipping to you! I love the way this sweater is so slouchy but dressy at the same time. If I wanted to slap some leggings on and hang around the house, I can, it’s comfy. If I want to wear it to work (as shown) and with the right styling, you can keep it simple.

Pants: So these are from probably one of my most favorite stores, LOFT. Especially if you’re a teacher, they have a teacher discount! These neutral pink capris are so comfortable and fit great. I like most of my pants/capris that I wear to work to be more form fitting just because I hate feeling like something is going to fall off of me. Being a teacher, I move around a lot so my clothing choices are always crucial when it comes to how they fit. When it’s the weekend, I definitely dress more relaxed.


Nostalgia anyone?

Let me tell you how much I love subscribing to StitchFix! It is such a great and affordable service if you’re looking for a little help for your closet. I asked for some shoes in one of my fixes, expressing my love for pointy-toed flats and Voila! I got what’s shown in the picture and I absolutely love them! They are comfortable and I get so many compliments on them. The great thing about StitchFix is that you can cater it to your budget! Like expensive clothes, tell them! Need to spend more conservatively, tell them! Also, for months you don’t order anything, you don’t get charged! That’s my kind of subscription service.

What kinds of sweaters would you like to see more of?